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Welcome and thank you for expressing interest in our blind cleaning service. We have the equipment that’s absolutely necessary to successfully & efficiently clean window coverings of all kinds. Pleated shades, Duettes, Honeycombs, Fabric Verticals, Mini & Vertical Blinds & much more! We have the latest developments in ultrasonic cleaning. This unique Method leaves your blinds as bright as the day they were purchased. All with a price that is sure to please. No matter what shape or size your blind may be we are here to help. Please give us the opportunity to prove it.

Allergy Allert!
Remember! Because blinds go for years without cleaning, they are the best place for dust mites to breed and multiply. Ech! If your carpets have this problem you bet your blinds have the same. Ultrasonic cleaning sanitizes and eliminates these nasties.

Environmentally Safe!
With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can eliminate the dirt, dust, smoke, grease, bacteria and nicotine buildup that accumulate over the years without harming the blinds. We only use biodegradable mild cleaning agents. The cleaning agents only assist ultrasonic in doing their job….That is why the process is so gentle on your blinds.

Protect your investment and Save!
If a mechanical item is not cleaned, lubricated and maintained on a annual basis, you will not realize its full life span. Blinds are similar. You purchased blinds to add beauty, protection and privacy to your windows. Don't let dust, smoke, bacteria and grime destroy your investment. Ultrasonic cleaning doesn't just wipe the dirt off, it thoroughly and gently cleans, lubricates and extends the life of your blinds.









Sonic Klean’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Process  


Sonic Klean’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Process is the fastest, most efficient method of removing grease and dirt from even hard to clean areas in your blinds.

Cleaning includes taking down your blinds, cleaning them using our Ultrasonic Cleaning Process, sanitizing and then rehanging.

Repairs: cord, tilter control, restringing, slat replacement.


Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning with sound waves....











Cleaning includes taking down your blinds, cleaning them using our Ultrasonic Cleaning Process, sanitizing and then rehanging
Mini Blind   $20.00
Verticals PVC 1.75 per vane Headrail included
  Fabric free hanging 2.00 per vane Headrail included
  Fabric with chains or inserts 2.50 per vane Headrail included
Roller Shades   $25.00
Faux Wood, PVC   $25.00
Honeycomb Shades   $35.00
Pleated Shades    
Silhouette   $45.00
Luminette   $5.75 per vane Headrail included
$180.00 minimum charge for cleaning.
Mileage - Miles in excess of 20 miles round trip starting zip code 92691 - $1.25 per additional mile. Mileage - outside Orange County - Per job









More Coming Soon !